Canada Strikes Back!

With the recent Sapporo buy-out of Sleeman, there’s been lots of hand-wringing about Canada’s three largest breweries being owned by foreigners. So it was nice to see the news today that some of my countrymen are doing some deals in the other direction:

Montreal’s ICBS Ltd. said Wednesday it is buying New York`s Lake Placid Craft Brewing Co.

The 10-year-old Lake Placid Craft Brewing Co. has created a market demand for their Craft beers, such as UBU and Frostbite ales, ICBS said in a statement.

The story also notes the ICBS also owns Ramapo Valley Brewery of Hillburn, NY, and Alan posts at A Good Beer Blog to let us know that they recently bought Maska Laboratories, a Quebec-based lab that does work for the beer, wine & food industries. Could be some interesting things afoot…


3 responses to “Canada Strikes Back!

  1. Placing the lab on oneside of the border and the two breweries on the other appears a bit weird. But Lake Placid is fantastic stuff so they certainly have a sharp eye for quality.

  2. I hope this group will be able to convince the LCBO to stock Lake Placid Beers. The Ubu & Frostbite are really wonderful.

    It’ll be nice for Lake Placid to have some extra money. They brew a whole lot of styles but only bottle a handful. Hopefully they’ll start bottling more now!


  3. If you are in the St. Lawrence Valley, Lake Placid’s Ubu and 46’er are pretty much in every grocery store from Vermont to Lake Ontario, a short jaunt over the border.

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