Green Beer

No, I’m not getting an early start on St. Patrick’s Day. (And besides, I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking fizzy yellow beer with green food colouring in it on March 17th – or any other day, for that matter.)

By “Green Beer”, I’m referring to beer that is produced and distributed in environmentally friendly ways, which is the focus of Beer Activist, a newish blog that I discovered this week. It’s the online home of Chris O’Brien, author of a book called Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World that I got for Christmas but have yet to read. Chris looks like a pretty interesting guy – he has brewed in South Africa, worked with fair trade organisations and co-ops, and is currently part owner of a store specialising in organic brewing supplies and organic/fair trade home coffee roasting supplies. I’m looking forward to reading his blog, and (finally) reading his book as well.

Between this, and meeting/chatting with Garrett Oliver the other night, and attending a Slow Food conference earlier in the week, I’m seeing the worlds of local/organic/sustainable food and craft beer becoming more and more entwined. Very exciting stuff!

Speaking of Mr. Oliver – my encounter with him was at a fantastic Brooklyn Brewery beer dinner at beerbistro on Tuesday night. I’ll be writing up a full report this weekend, and it will probably be published at Gremolata, assuming Malcom is interested. If not, I’ll just post it here.


One response to “Green Beer

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