At the latest beer tasting/rating session with my usual crew this past Thursday, we decided to take a bit of a break from the notebooks for part of the night and watch Beerfest, which this month’s host Paul – aka The Guy Who Buys Every Movie Released On DVD And Watches Them On A Kick-Ass Home Theatre System – recently picked up.

The serious craft beer aficionado in me should’ve been horribly offended by the fact that the film celebrates binge drinking, stupid drinking games, and the age-old connections between beer and half-naked women. But since I also have a strange and somewhat misguided appreciation for stupid and sophomoric comedies – from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle – I couldn’t help but love this flick.

Oh, sure, it’s got it’s fair share of puerile and scatological humour (ever seen a frog being masturbated?), and some rather gratuitous sexism (although in most cases, it’s played with such over-the-top gratuitousness [yes, that’s really a word – Firefox spell-check told me so!] that only the most prudish would find it offensive). But it’s also quite clever and self-aware in places, not to mention laugh-out-loud funny. And really, how can you not love a film that includes (A) an uncredited cameo by Donald Sutherland as a dying Bavarian patriarch who chugs several mugs of beer before pulling his own plug; (B) Cloris Leachman as a foul-mouthed great grandmother who gives a hand-job to a large sausage; and (C) Willie Nelson as Willie Nelson?

So, yeah – if you’re looking to kill a couple of hours with some relatively mindless but not completely moronic entertainment, then invite over a few buddies, chill a few brewskies, and watch Beerfest.

Or alternatively, you could read the stuff that I’ve written for Taste T.O. and Gremolata in the past couple of weeks, including a review of last month’s Brooklyn Brewing dinner at beerbistro, a report on a great food & hospitality conference called Terroir: A Sense of Place, and “Beer of the Week” features on Fuller’s London Pride, Trafalgar Celtic Pure Irish Ale and Gayant La Goudale. But you’ll probably enjoy the movie more…


One response to “Beerfest

  1. Beerfest is indeed hilarious, regardless of the message the movie communicates about beer. I actually saw it the first week it was in theaters (It’s from the makers of Super Troopers, right? I had to…) and am curious to see it again now that I’ve gotten more serious about homebrewing.

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