Tomorrow: The Session!

Just a last minute reminder to my fellow beer bloggers and other interested parties that tomorrow is the August instalment of The Session, the monthly beer blogging round-up that I happen to be hosting this month. This month’s theme, as I announced a while back, is fruit beer.

Given my ridiculous schedule lately, I probably won’t be getting my own post up until fairly late in the day. Those who are more on the ball than me can feel free to email me or reply to this post with a link to their contribution, and I’ll do the obligatory round-up on the weekend (which is a long one in Canada, thankfully).


24 responses to “Tomorrow: The Session!

  1. Stan Hieronymus

    Fruit beer for breakfast?

    I’d say that Berkshire Raspberry Strong Ale makes a better nightcap. I did my tasting and posting and writing early, so I can enjoy it again this evening with that already done.

  2. Greg:

    Great topic this month. I tracked down 11, making a point to skip the bottle of Lindemans Framboise in our fridge figuring someone else is bound to cover that ground. Here’s my link:

  3. It has begun but I am nost sure whether it is “fruit beer” or “fruit beers” for the grammatically correct Canadian:

  4. A strawberry wheat takes me back to my youth – picking and weeding a backyard garden.

  5. Fruit and alt-fruit, bending the rules a little:

  6. Ooh, my first Session. Two seasonal cherry beers

  7. As someone drawn to fruit beer, here’s my contribution of three reviews.

  8. I’m glad I found your blog. Here is my humble contribution:

  9. Peter LaFrance

    Greetings all!

    Today I posted the story of my first Cherry… Liefmans, on my link:


    I hope yours was just as rewarding.


  10. –> Alan said…

    It has begun but I am nost sure whether it is “fruit beer” or “fruit beers” for the grammatically correct… < -- I think it’s like “fish” and “fishes”. If its several bottles of one paticular beer it’s “Fruit Beer” if it’s several bottles of different
    beers its “Fruit Beers”.

    My unworthy contribution to this session:

  11. Got my post up, too: Read it here.

  12. Beer Activist

    Greg – here’s my post on Mfula Mfula, a pineapple-based beer brewed in the Zulu area of South Africa.

    Chris, O’Brien
    Beer Activist

  13. I finally drank a beer – Kriek De Ranke:

    A Good Beer Blog

  14. I decided to Chill with Miller:

    Thanks for hosting,

  15. A triplet of beers including peach, raspberry, and blackberry.

    Thanks for hosting and I look forward to the recap. Enjoy the long weekend!

  16. Here’s mine, briefer than my usual rant.

    Session #6: Fruit Beer: The Plumcots Are Coming!

  17. We finally managed our first contribution to The Session. Ellicottville (NY) Blueberry Wheat, Blue Point (NY) Blueberry Ale, and Dogfish Head (DE) Midas Touch Golden Elixir.

  18. Hair of the Dog Dave

    My post is up. One of these days I will figure out how to put hypertext in these comment boxes.

  19. I’ve tried as many fruit beers as possible over the years. Can’t say they’ve become one of my favorite styles however. The best I’ve tried that I truly enjoy is Dogfish Head’s Aprihop. I was not as impressed with their Festina Peche however. I wrote up a quick review last fall of Samuel Adams’ Cranberry Lambic here.

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