Even More Beer(s) of the Week(s)

Here are excerpts from & links to my last few “Beer of the Week” columns on Taste T.O.:

greatlakes_devilspaleale.jpgGreat Lakes Devil’s Pale Ale – “…quite malty, with caramel and dark sugar notes, and slight herbal and woody undertones… the front-end maltiness moves smoothly into a lingering hoppy finish.” (full review)

St. Peter’s Best Bitter – “…smooth and well-balanced, with a fairly sweet start, a subdued fruity middle, and a dry, lingering hop presence in the finish that increases as it warms.” (full review)

Church-Key West Coast Pale Ale – “…may very well be one of the bitterest beers available in our province today. And I mean that as a compliment.” (full review)

blackoaksaison.jpgBlack Oak Summer Saison – “…like a wheat beer on steroids, with big notes of yeast, wheat, citrus, apricot and spice.” (full review)

Bruce County Premium Lager & Neustadt Lager – “I like so-called ‘extreme beers’ as much as the next guy, but well made and enjoyable golden lagers like these have their place as well…” (full review)

Also on Taste T.O., you can find reviews I wrote up for Toronto’s Festival of Beer and the Black Creek Brews Fest.


2 responses to “Even More Beer(s) of the Week(s)

  1. I like your taste in beers, and your writing is great! I’ll be stopping back!

  2. Thanks, Jason. Your blog is pretty nice as well. Very interesting experiment you’ve got going on there – although you have a lot of will power to be able to plan what beers you’ll be drinking up to 5 or 6 months in the future, and to hold them until then!

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