Menu For Hope

mfhlogosmall_2.jpgAs I mentioned last week, my wife and I are participating in this year’s instalment of the annual food blogger charity event Menu For Hope via Taste T.O..

The campaign went active today, and we’ve got a post up now with details about what we’re giving away. We’re doing one big-ass prize package made up of gift certificates to restaurants and shops around Toronto, as well as subscriptions to a number of local food and drink magazines, including the soon to be relaunched Canadian beer magazine TAPS.

The nature of the package means that the winner will need to live in or around Toronto. However, there are many other prizes available from bloggers around the world, so please check out the full list and consider donating.

Also, a note to my fellow beer bloggers:

As you may notice, in addition to there being “host blogs” listing details of all the prizes for a particular region (such as Canada, for example), there is also a special host for all of the wine blogs that are participating. Which made me think – why not have something similar for beer blogs?

While it’s too late to get in on the action this year, who would be interested in getting involved in 2008? I’d be happy to serve as the host for the beer blogs, but we’ll need enough folks who are interested and able to drum up some cool prizes to make it worthwhile. Although given the response that Alan has gotten from brewers and other prize-givers for his photo contest on A Good Beer Blog, getting some swag together to give away should be too difficult.

So, if you’ve got a blog about beer and think this is a good idea, please leave a comment, and send word to other bloggers to check out this post and do the same. Those cork dorks have got 23 wine-related prize packs to give away – surely we can do better than that!


4 responses to “Menu For Hope

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  3. Greg: I’m in. Keep me posted on details and I’ll contribute as much as I can.


  4. Hi Greg: Keep me posted on this. Ultimately, I’d have to get my participation approved by the paper, but I personally think it’s a great idea….

    All the best and Merry Christmas!

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