George shows off some of his CRAP

George shows off some of his CRAP

OK, I’m a bit late with this – Alan, Troy and Stephen have all beat me to it – but I still wanted to give a mention to this great project started up by George Eagleson, the maniac head brewer at F&M Brewery, and his partner Hannah Senitt.

Called CRAP (Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project), it features bags, wallets and a couple of other things made out of malt bags and hoses from the brewery. George handed me a CRAP business card at Volo’s Cask Ale Challenge last Sunday, and even the card fits with their recycling philosophy: it’s cut from a cereal box with the info put on the blank side with a rubber stamp.

George & Hannah’s CRAP is available for ordering at (with free delivery by bicycle if you live in Guelph). And Hannah also has her own Etsy shop at that’s also worth checking out, especially if you like sock monkeys. (And if you don’t like sock monkeys, there’s something wrong with you…)


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  2. Hey Thanks for the great review Greg. I’m sending one out to you.

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