Moving Day

I’m about to start moving this blog from hosting to a self-hosted WordPress install. This will allow me to do more with it – some things that will be noticeable to readers, others more back-end in nature – and will eventually allow for more integration with my other sites, like Canadian Beer News.

(This is the second time I’ve moved the damn thing – the first was a move from Blogger to WordPress back in 2007 – and hopefully, it’ll be the last.)

It should only take a day or two to get all of the DNS transferring and domain redirecting and exporting and importing taken care of. But while the move is happening, there will likely be periods of time where leads to an “Under Construction” page, or some other indicator that things aren’t quite ready. There might be some bouncing emails as well, for those trying to get in touch with me that way.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Well, things went much more smoothly than I expected, and while the new site still needs some tweaking, it’s up and running. If you are seeing this post, it means that the domain server changes haven’t yet propagated to your ISP, but that should happen soon.


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